16 Cool iOS 12 Features To Try on Apple Devices

16 Cool iOS 12 Features To Try on Apple Devices

Apple has rolled out iOS 12 is an important software update for every iPhone and iPad users. There are loads more features for the iOS users which are more usable. Here are iOS 12 features listed down…

1. Performance :-

With the update of iOS 12, iPhones performing much better,share sheets launch faster, and apps are quicker to open which extends the life span of your device.

2. Notifications :-

Notifications are finally grouped by app so all the clutter from WhatsApp and other apps gets hidden behind the newest notification. If you are getting too many alerts from any app, you can quickly swipe towards the left on any notification and tap Manage. This quickly allows you to stop notifications from that app or to stop them from appearing on the lock screen via an option called “Deliver Quietly”.

3. Reduce iPhone addiction :-

Screen Time feature of iOS 12 allows you to reduce the amount of time you spend using apps on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Screen Time and put app limits for yourself. You can easily extend the amount of time you spend using any app.

4. Automate :-

Siri Shortcuts app is your new best friend if you like tweaking things on your smartphone. From setting custom phrases such as, “Show me the money!”, to open your banking app to executing a seven-task chain of actions via multiple apps with just one tap — Siri Shortcuts is your best bet for automation on iOS 12. The app will be available after iOS 12 releases.

5. AR 3D object recognition :-

iOS 12 and ARKit 2 could combine to make this possible. There are a couple more neat AR features on iOS 12 — a Measure app that lets you measure the distance between two points in the real world, or the dimensions of real-world objects, and this release also marks the debut of a new file format for AR (USDZ)

6. Voice Memos :-

Voice Memos in iOS 12,Recordings are also automatically tagged by location , duplicating, sharing these files is also pretty easy. This app now has iCloud syncing so your recordings are synced across devices.

7. Siri :-

Siri also has an improved motorsports database to answer your racing related queries, is better at answering questions around celebrity facts, and also at translating languages with up to 50 language pairs now supported.

8. Photos apps :-

Photos app has a new look with a For You tab for personalised albums and sharing suggestions. Photos app smartly creates albums of your recent outings for you to go through or share. Stock camera app on iOS now has improved Portrait Lighting modes for iPhone models that support this and better QR code detection.

9. CarPlay to get Google Maps :-

CarPlay is a platform for cars, which links your iOS device to the car. It’s slated to get Google Maps sometime soon, and if that happens, finally CarPlay will support navigation in India.

10. Animoji and Memoji :-

iOS 12, Animoji has four new characters — T. Rex, koala, ghost, and tiger — and a new feature called Memoji, which allows you to create an animated character that looks just like you.

11. Group FaceTime :-

FaceTime will soon allow you to have group audio and video calls with up to 32 people at once.

12. Privacy :-

With iOS 12, some key privacy features have been added. One of these is device fingerprinting protection.Safari browser also ensures that social widgets (like and comment buttons) on websites can’t track you without your permission. There’s even an improved password suggestion service that suggests stronger passwords and helps you replace weak or repeated passwords quickly.

13. OTP Auto-fill :-

One-time password (OTP) via a text message, iOS 12 will display an auto-fill prompt, which will help you quickly paste it in the browsers or any app………….Read More>>


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